Monday, August 3, 2009

The Natives Are Restless

Well Fnewgy is any way.

I think that's how I spell it. It's a name for our newest employee that has stuck. Imagine FNG, with no swearing.

Anyway, this guy has been a problem since day twelve. I guess he just had to work himself up into a lather, or something like that.

First he didn't like us calling him the new guy, because he has over twenty years of experience and I am NOT a NEW guy!!!!

Seriously. I was shocked, I mean did he not realize that he was the newest employee, hence the new guy? Sure we were joking (key word here, and he new we were joking) about him having to buy donuts every Friday for the first four weeks he worked there. Everyone else has done it, and had fun with it. Not Fnewgy, nope he writes a letter to HR to complain.

Next, he was offended that we even dared to ask him to help out in other areas of the shop. He'd reply that he wasn't trained in shipping and receiving. My goodness, it's opening and packing boxes, not rocket science.

Then he was mad that he was getting $6 an hour less than someone he felt had inferior skills. I would be too, but again, it was a joke, and in his little hissy fit, he pretty much told everyone that he was one of the higher paid employees.

Next, he said that he didn't know how to do repairs on the oscilloscopes. This from the same guy that said he had more experience and know-how than anyone else in the lab. We actually hired him to do repairs, and pointed that out to him. We had a private meeting where he came thisclose to admitting that he didn't get paid enough to do anything above and beyond what he was currently doing. I still assign him oscilloscope work, even repairs, and guess what? He does know how to do them. He probably thinks we will reward him for such a stellar job of doing his job. Can't wait to see his face when that doesn't pan out. He'll probably bring up the fact that his wife gets paid more than he does. (she's had the same job at the same company for over twenty years, she probably even deserves it).

There is plenty more to fill in some of the gaps along the way, but it might start sounding like gossip. Okay, too late for that, but I have to share his latest tirade from today.

We are all former military men in our lab. We are all pretty much conservative as well. He was in the Coast Guard and thinks that GWBush ruined his business. Yeah, because the President of the United States has time to do that. Anyway, chit chat happens, and apparently Fnewgy thinks that he is being personally attacked. He has even threatened to take it all the way to HR and make this one guy (a good ol boy from South Carolina, or is it Alabama?) pay with his job. He said our company wouldn't survive the "law suite" (his spelling, not mine) that he would bring upon the company, blah, blah, blah.

I have three words for him.

Just Shut Up!!

The good ol boy feels that he and Fnewgy should meet up in the parking lot - I talked him out of that, but I won't always be around, so Fnewgy better be careful. Although I am sure that he would have his 'team of lawyers' lying in wait.

And to think I thought I left the children at home.