Thursday, May 14, 2009

So I Quit Twitter

Didn't really see the point anymore, especially since I'm rarely there anyway. Besides, you can't contain me to a mere 140 characters, right?


Danny came in from outside today, his pants were wet, and his shoes covered with sand.

Mommy - Danny, what happened?
Danny - Um, my pants are wet.
M - I know honey, and your shoes...
D - They're dirty
M - How did that happen?
D - Quigley made me do it.

For those of you keeping track at home; Quigley is our dog.

M - Quigley did that?
D - Yep. He chasing me, and said to stop.
M - Oh. (To Quigley) Bad dog.
D - Yeah, bad dog!


Wasn't Lost just the most awesome thing on television last night? Oh and the fact that Danny (not my Danny) got kicked off of American Idol a week too late was okay, but nothing compared to Lost. Jacob and Esau revisited maybe? Anyone? Bueller, Bueller... This kind of blows my whole "dream theory" away, but it could happen. You never know.


Holy smokes - I have a high school graduate and another starting high school. Oh, and come September, I will have four, count them, four kids in double-digits age-wise! Yet I still feel like I'm twenty-five.


Chunky has finally started to lose some weight. He's now at 292, and glad that the weight has finally started to leave his massive body. He was getting concerned that all that work would be for naught. But now that he's started to limit his intake, as well as exercise, the weight has started to drop. Yay!!


My younger brother made Master sergeant in the USAF, no word yet from the youngest. So Michael, congratulations on making it to the senior NCO grade. Does this mean that you have to leave your Hawaiian paradise?

Good night and God Bless!