Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Anyone Ready For January?

Because that's when Lost comes back.
What an awesome way to end the season - answered a few questions, and left a few hanging as well. I actually had a really long post about tonight's season finale, but if you don't watch the show, you would just be bored. Maybe I'll do a season five retrospective at some point - more for my sake, than yours. Trust me.
So now I have nothing to watch, series-wise, that interests me. Bring on baseball, NASCAR, and even the NHL playoffs. I should be excited about the NBA as well, especially since the team from my hometown (or at least where I grew up), the Denver Nuggets are in the Western Conference Finals. For the first time since I graduated high school - 24 years ago.
I can always go back to watching Stargate SG-1 episodes.
Time to go and relax my brain now.