Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Liitle Bit Of This

I am really straining for a title, so it's gonna have to be the best I can give you at this late hour.
From work, no less.
Yes, I am at work here at 11:00PM, and plan on being back by 5:00Am at the latest.
You betcha.
At least I get overtime. Whatever!
So, you may be asking what exactly I have to say at this point in time, aren't you? What? You aren't asking yourself what Roger is doing up so late (okay, it's not really late for me, just for me to be AT work.), and what words of wisdom he has to share?
Too bad, because you're gonna get it  anyway, as long as my fat fingers don't screw this up.
I don't really have a hometown, per se, because my Dad was in the Air Force. So being the military way, my Dad would get transferred to various locales around the world (although we kids and my Mom always were stateside - I had to actually join the USAF to see more of the world). I was born in Florida, then moved to NY, CO, CA, CO, TX, CO, TX - so where would you pick for home?
If you picked Colorado, you would be correct. (That would be CO for those of you following this in the wee morning hours). I am a HUGE Denver Broncos fan, I loved watching Denver Bears/Zephyrs minor league baseball games and was thrilled when the Rockies came to town in baseball expansion. I must admit to thinking of the Colorado Rockies NHL team when the name came out, but that's just because I am old enough to remember them. I used to go to Denver Nuggets games all the time, because both of my Uncles were season ticket holders, so why wouldn't I? So I would say that I was a huge follower of the Nuggets as well.
Guess who's back in the playoffs in a big way?
Yep the Nuggets, who from time to time, we would nickname the "No Guts." I actually wanted to be a Nugget and thought that Dan Issel was one of the greatest players ever, along with David Thompson, Alex English, Monty Towe. Who? I'll have to see if I can find a link for him, let's just say that I am taller than he is, by a decent margin and I am only 5'10" - ish. Okay, as you can see if you follow the link, I remember him being a lot shorter than he really was. Sorry Monty.
I digress.
Tonight at work, I found a reason to view/listen to the game via, and the magic of the Internet. Way cool. Best part? The Nuggets beat the Lakers and now go back to Denver tied up at a game a piece in their best-of-seven Western Conference Finals series.
Time for some Denver love I'm thinking.
Anyone with me?