Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Meme by ME(me)!

Okay, I have seen this a couple of times in the blogosphere, so I of course had to try it. It is a photo meme, whatever that means, which is basically a pictorial presentation of me. Doesn't that sound exciting? Anyway, the way you do this is to answer questions, using images from Google. For example, I would put in the age at my next birthday (41) and then pick a picture from the first page of choices that Google gives me. Sounds simple enough, but then again....

So, without further delay, I present .... ME!

1. Age at my next birthday

2. City where I was born.

3. City where I live


4.Favorite Color

5.Favorite Animals

6. Favorite Food

7. Favorite Food, part 2

8. Favorite Food, part 3

9 Favorite Food, okay I'm kidding... Favorite Objects

10. Favorite Place

11. Place I'd like to travel to, where I haven't been


12. Place I'd like to revisit

13.Name of Past Pet

14.Favorite Historical Figure

Okay, I cheated and picked two (sue me!), besides did you see the food selections above?

15. My first name

16. My first job

17. Bad Habit

18. Grandmother's name

19.College Major

20. What I want to be when I grow up


So that wasn't too bad, I guess. Although I did have to turn my filter on for my searches. Especially when I was going to use my dog Zoe's name. Nothing like having a bunch of naked lady pictures show up on the monitor at 6:30 in the morning.Anyway, there you have it, and if you are seeing this, it means that Blogger doesn't mind the format, etc... since I am doing this via Google Docs.