Sunday, December 30, 2007

My week as a Bachelor

Let me tell you, it ain't gonna be pretty. Especially if it is like today.

Give me a 'B'!

Bed time dreams keep me sleeping longer than I needed to, but I still made it to church on time, which was important because I was lectoring, and had to read both readings. Whew! I really feel exposed when I am up there, especially with some of the words that pop in during those Old Testament readings. Today it was from Sirach and St Paul's Letter to the Collosians. Both dealt with the family, which is good being that today was the Feast of the Holy Family.

Give me an 'O'!

Ordinary things like watching football or blogging on the computer, were... uh ordinary. Yep, nothing to write home about, or even blog about, unless you want to read aout my upset tummy.

Give me a 'R'!

Reading books bring me great pleasure, so with an empty house and no distractions, (unless you count the four dogs and one cat as a distraction) you would think that I could catch up on my reading. Uh that would be a big negative there. Nope I wasted away doing busy work that amounted to nothing.

Give me an 'I'!

Insomnia is one of those things that I think I suffer from, not today! No sir, I promptly fell asleep and took a twenty minute nap, while watching a football game. Actually, because of said nap, I will now have a most difficult time falling asleep. I'll prove it and post here if I'm awake, and feel motivated. I will probably be awake, but doubt I wil be motivated to get out of a warm bed to type a few words to prove something to... I don't know. Okay? Okay.

Give me a 'N'!

No doubt that this post has become clear to everyone that is still awake. Can you see the little word I be spelling out. No family is here, so the house is quiet, and now I have to deal with it, all because a certain individual, that should remain nameless (JC) has denied letting me have his week off from work - what a jerk. How's that for some quick poetry?

Give me a 'G'!

Goodness this post is dragging on a lot longer than I thought it would. Oh my, I really think that Dave Thomas the founder of Wendy's fast food restaurants is rolling in his grave. These new commercials are just so STUPID! Singing cheeseburgers and men dressed up with the Wendy's hairdo - the official style evades me (PIGTAILS), I mean they just insult your intelligence, that's how bad they are.

What's that spell?


Had to add the exclamation marks, they are with each letter, afterall.

Yep, that's my day, and night, in a nutshell. I feel like going to bed and it is only 8:30. This feels like when I travel, and I'm in my own home. UGH!!

Jenni and kids, I hope that you are doing well, and I wish I was with you. I miss you and love you all very much, and I look forward to giving you all hugs and kisses when you get back.