Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Day in My Life, Part Duex!

I think that I can think straight, once again. Where was I?

Oh yeah, so JC is bitching about the inappropriateness of the Christmas Party invitation, and is getting beat up by a customer (lucky him).

Meanwhile, back at sanity central, I continue to complain about JC's whiny attitude and take a poll (unscientific of course) about the letter, and surprise! surprise! surprise! No one is offended. Sheesh. To his credit he did apologize later.

Back to the 'Whiny Brigade' - "What do you mean I won't get overtime pay until after I work forty hours?!" Do I really need to go into the law with these people? Well, no because they don't get it, all they think is that they are getting screwed somehow. Guess what your are employed "at will" yours and the company's, so if you don't like it.... C - Ya!

Lunch wasn't too bad, and best of all free! Can't beat free, don't you know?

Jenni then sent me the picture that is on the previous post, with the caption of 'your future dil??!!? What the heck is a dil? Well, that is Jenni's joke about Andy's obsession with the young lady on the left. Don't know the one on the right, and I'm afraid to find out, I think.
Scary, eh?
Figured it was worthy of two posts, we're so proud. No really we are, but not as proud as she is, since it is on her facebook.
Oh to be a kid again.... what pain, what anxiety, what the heck am I going to do with my life, why am I so angry, FU world!
On second thought, I'll pass.
I've been thinking, and before you run away screaming let me finish, about my 100th post. Yes, can you believe it "Bug Tries Again" is almost 100 posts old. So what do I do? I really have no idea, and I will not do a Meme of the number 100 - too boring. A list of one hundred things about me, could bore you to tears. Anyway, I hope to have a fantastic 100th post, after all, it is my first blog to reach this point - out of five (I think).
Anyway, I love that word I think.... I should finish up working and get set to head home. More at a later time, and don't forget...
Be careful out there.