Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Great Pixar Feature Film Poll, round (the one that narrows the field to three) six


Talk about close.

All three polls were within three votes of each other, and now comes the task of eliminating one movie per round, the next round and this one will determine who will go on to challenge...

Monster's Inc in the final, after they dispatched Finding Nemo 21 to 18. Monster's will get a break now as they have to wait the movie that comes out of the next two rounds.

As a result of the last poll both remaining Toy Story movies have been eliminated; both by the final tally of 20 to 19 by Up, which defeated the original Toy Story, The Incredibles which took care of Toy Story 3.

That leaves us with this interesting battle between a heart warming story about an old man and a young boy finding out that they like each other, and the 'cone of shame' was introduced to the world - well at least me.
Up  will go up against a group of super heroes that have been banished because their good has made some people angry, and someone from one super hero's past comes back to make everyone super, so no one will be. The Incredibles is more of a movie than what may have initially met the eye.

Okay, there you have it, and the poll is below - may the best movie win and go on to face Finding Nemo to determine who will go up against Monster's Inc in the grand finale!

Thanks again for voting and have a great day!