Thursday, May 23, 2013

Disney Princess Poll, round three

Welcome back to the,

Nondescript female protagonists in an animated Disney movie,
 hierarchy not requisite poll. 
(aka The Disney Princess Poll).

round three.

Last round saw a princess that fell in love with a Beast take dog out, so Lady will have to go up against a preschool princess from television, Sofia in one of two elimination battles this round. The other will see Perdita going up against Maid Marian which is a battle of the canines.

We had a sugar princess, Vanellope,  try to take down a classic, Aurora, and come up short by a large margin. Aladdin's  love Jasmine stepped on and squashed the ant known as Princess Dot in a battle that was clearly not in the social insects favor. Meanwhile a legendary ancient Chinese figure Mulan win a fierce battle against everyone's favorite cowgirl toy, Jessie.

Spunky teen Rapunzel had no problem matching up against Robin Hood's Maid Marian which sent her to an elimination match, while the other spunky teen Ariel took care of native American guide Pocahontas. Our first upset saw Scottish firebrand Merida barely beat out Cinderella, I wonder how the Prince feels about that, and Snow White took down restaurateur Tiana.

All in all, it was a great second round, thanks to everyone that took part, I hope you are all back for round three, as the fate of two of our princesses will be decided in this round as they will be eliminated and sent packing back to their castles.

Before I forget, here is the link to see the bracket as it now stands. However if you don't want to click the link here are the results from round two...

Belle - 27
Lady - 6

Vanellope - 6
Aurora - 21 (for some reason this one didn't generate as many votes, interesting)

Jasmine - 25
Dot - 6

Mulan - 16
Jessie - 14

Rapunzel - 22
Maid Marian - 5

Pocahontas - 8
Ariel - 20

Cinderella - 13
Merida - 15

Tiana - 10
Snow White - 21

So let's see this rounds match ups...

Happy voting!!