Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Flash - Trust Your Heart

Ding- Dong.
What the hell? Who could that be at this hour?
Those, my friend, are the first thoughts I had as the doorbell rang. After all it was well past the hour of decency for doorbell ringing. Not to mention, made me miss that critical Lost plot line. Ugh. Now I will never know, until the summer reruns.
Anyway, I digress.
By the time I answered the annoyance, all I saw was somebody running away dragging a rat? I’m not sure, but in this light it did look like that. Now why would they do that? I knew I should have picked up that TiVo, or at least went in for the DVR that the cable company offered. 
Maybe I can “catch up” next week.
I digress, again.
This person takes off running after ringing my doorbell, ruining my Lost moment. I turn to head back into the house, when I notice some pink paper sticking in my mailbox. 
You have to be kidding me; I have been hit with an eviction notice! 
Wait, I bought and paid for this home years ago, that can’t be it. So I grab this piece of wisdom and read this…
To Whom It May Concern:
I write this letter, because it is now someone else's turn to have some fun.  Here are the rules:
~ Think of a place where you want to go.

~ Say the words "Trust Your Heart."
As if by magic, you will appear there!

Awesome, huh?

There are some conditions though... and do please remember this, my friend, once you use this phrase, it is YOURS.  
Whether it a blessing or a curse to you, the ONLY way to pass it on (or get rid of it), is to write another letter with three new words.

Now... go and.... Trust Your Heart. 


A Friend :-)


That is weird, but I doubt that I will be in Paris just by saying "Trust your heart"

Bonjour, monsieur!

Wow. That is pretty awesome, I wonder if I can travel through time as well and go to Gettysburg to witness president Lincoln's address, "trust your heart."

"Four score and seven years ago,..."

This is going to be awesome, but I should go to bed and rest up before I start, "trust your heart."

Arriving back at my house, I immediately started to research places to see and things to do. Life is definitely going to become more adventurous from now on, that's for sure. I can see the dinosaurs from when they roamed and ruled the earth.

I just have to "trust your heart."