Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun Monday - 10 Years Over

 Welcome to my first attempt at hosting Fun Monday, I hope that you will find this month's journey to be an enjoyable experience, and maybe even one to make you think a little bit. A little about me first though. I am a bit quirky and like to just throw a few abstract things out on occasion, which may be a concern to some of you. Fret not, it's all in harmless fun and at least you don't have to live with the voices in my head. That being said, I hope that my questions are suitable for getting you to think a little bit more outside of your realm of comfort. Sounds scary doesn't it?

So you are saying, okay Roger, what do you have for us this week? You are saying that right? I digress. For this week I would like you to answer one of the following questions (yes, I am giving you a choice); If you could pick any ten years over again, without changing them, which ten years would you choose and why? These years do not have to be consecutive years, but there should be ten, okay? Your second choice is, explain the wonders of living in orbit over the moon, or any planet of your choosing (not Earth) for ten years, describe what you think life would be like and if so inclined, describe the planet.

Not so bad, right? I though about giving you and option of sharing your journal from the ten years you spent in a Turkish prison, but thought that might be too risqué. Of course, I won't stop you if you so desire to give it a try.

UPDATE: There appears to be a few nefarious entries on Mr. Linky, the dating site and the car sales site, please don't follow those links as I suspect that they are not participating. ;-)