Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Better Title Needed

I'm thinking that a future career for me should be as a consultant.


We are in the midst of a visit from a couple of consultants that are in town to tell us how to do our jobs better. These are a couple of gentlemen that happened to work for Toyota, and because of the "Toyota Standard" for streamlining and making work more LEAN, they are now experts in everything, as far as concerning time-cutting, cost-cutting, ribbon-cutting measures. Okay that last one isn't included, but I bet they could convince our CEO that it is necessary.

Again, I am serious.

Funny thing about Toyota. They make cars. Funny thing about my company. We don't.

Pardon my cynicism here, but how the heck are you going to tell me how to improve my job, when you don't even know what my job is. At least I'll be in Dubuque tomorrow, with Andy, going through the college orientation thing.

I'm hoping that Jenni doesn't go into labor, but she just might.

Finally, way to go USA soccer! Beating the number one team in the world, Spain, 2-0. Simply awesome!