Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zoe Miller April 14, 1997 - March 24, 2009

Zoe had her spleen removed last week, because of several growths that were on it/in it. They were sent out for a biopsy, which confirmed what our Vet suspected, Cancer. Not just any Cancer, but a blood borne Cancer that spreads through the body quickly, and he thought she might get three to six more months.

That was not to be. Zoe laid down and was being pet by Maggie, when she urinated all over the floor and Maggie. She could not get up. When Jenni got home from work, she found Zoe resting in our room, exhausted and not looking good - kind of zoning out a bit. Jenni got her up and she moved a few more feet. She couldn't put any weight on he
r hind legs. Jenni called me in tears, she called her parents, and she got a hold of Dr. Otto. 

I got home and she looked very tired, almost resigned to the fact that the end was near. She did not look uncomfortable at all. Dr. Otto showed up and confirmed our fears. Zoe was dying, and there really was nothing that could be done. She must have had another growth in her heart that burst, and she was bleeding into her heart. She wasn't going to make it through the night. A decision was made to let her go, at home, instead of in some strange location or even just outside - it's raining anyway. Everyone was here, except for Andy, who could not get away from his Religious Ed class. I told him what was about to happen, and he was as shocked as the rest of us that it had come to this, so fast. Yesterday was sucha great day for her, after all.

I came home from work and after the usual welcome homes from the kids, I got a great welcome from Zoe. She tried to climb into my lap, like she used to do when she was lots younger. We had taken her off of the pain pills, because she was doing so well, plus she seemed to be back to normal.

Dr. Otto was very compassionate, as was his daughter. They both knew Zoe very well, and I could tell that it was affecting them both. It was over in less than two minutes, and it looked like Zoe just went to sleep. Rest in Peace sweet pup. We'll miss you.