Friday, March 13, 2009

The Answers Keep Coming (whether you want them, or not)

Because I promised some answers, yesterday, I must keep it, right? Plus a couple of cell phone pictures of the blinding sun just isn't as exciting as I thought it would be.

1. What did you want to be as a child "when you grow up?" What is your dream job now? When I grow up, I'll let you know. I wanted to be an astronaut at one time, and then I also thought being an adventurer that saw the world, I also imagined that being some rich girl's "boy toy" would be fun, then there was the job of king (a good king, not one of them evil kings), and a great basketball player. So what do all these things have in common - why being a writer of course! Because they were all in my imagination. Corny, but true. Of course, I have never really put forth the proper amount of effort towards it, so I wonder if it would be my dream job, probably. Or maybe Supreme Court Justice, same thing right?

2. I'm itching for summer, so what is your favorite summertime activity? Going to Disney World, then again, that's also my favorite winter, spring and fall activities. Truth be told, summer is my least favorite time of the year, but if I had to choose one thing it would be... reading a book during a tornado warning, on the deck, while marveling at how quiet it gets right before the funnel cloud forms, and the antagonist of the story had just set up a trap for the protagonist and it looks like a doozy. Yeah, that's it.
3. And here's a deeper question for ya...Your family is one of the most faith-filled family I have ever known, what do you do to keep your faith so strong? I follow Jenni's lead. She's the saint that is working on getting me into heaven. Let's see, we also go to church every Sunday, and sit up front (not sure if that helps or not, but I think that they might behave better, plus they are always available), we pray before all our meals and before bedtime. Then Jenni does a lot more with them, from religious education to adoration, she really is a saint. We make believing in God a good thing, not some sort of social disease that a lot of people try to make it. But most of all, it's Jenni.

4. Last question, if you could visit your favorite S&BIL, where would you go? MN? Ooh, sneaky. However, since I grew up in Colorado, and I think you know how much I love visiting the state. But I can't say that Ben and Dana are my favorite S&BIL, because that would be wrong (and I don't know if they read the blog or not). I also enjoy me some Minnesota visiting, however I can't say that Geoff & Jenni are my favorite S&BIL, because that too, would be wrong. So, if I were to visit with my favorite S&BIL, I would go to DISNEY WORLD!!  

Let's Go!!