Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holy Backup, Batman!


Why did I give this post a title like that? I mean, I'm not even a fan. Yet there it is, in my title no less. Now I have to have something about vigilante-ism, or whatever. Although I do look slimmer in black.

Oh well, as you can see and may have seen in the past - especially any long time readers, my mind like to do this to me and then I have to follow up with some fabulous words and knowledge and well I really don't know.

All I do know id that this post will have nothing to do with any sort of toilet backups. I promise.

Some of you may be aware that I am heading out on a trip, so now is your chance to stop by and pickup some snow from my driveway. Bet you thought I was going somewhere else with that, didn't you? I am serious though, especially since it is supposed to snow about every other day that we are gone. (no I do not have some crazy looking smirk on my face right now - I'm outwardly giggling)

Okay, it's like 18 degrees outside, I think it is time to head south.


P.S. - The backup refers to my Google Reader and all of your wonderful posts that will be unread, by me, until I am no longer mobile - unless I get a signal while Jenni is driving, of course. :)