Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cruising on I-65

A new first for Roger and you all are witnessing it, first hand.

Pretty exciting, isn't it?

I am live blogging my trip to Disney World!!

Okay, that would be insanely boring, plus knowing how my head works, it would probably be pretty incriminating as well. :)

I will tell you though, at this moment we are two miles from the Kentucky/Tennessee border. Oh, and I'm not driving. :) Just thought I would make that clear.

Highlights so far:

Andy drove for 42 miles and then quit under the pressure of two crazy parental units. Sorry, but I was getting seasick in my car.

Interesting - my air card just crapped out. How is this going to work?

Oh and we're in Tennessee now.

Things overheard in the car,

"Why can't I lick your face, Dominick?"

Apparently the boys were playing a game that involved face-licking, on the Nintendo DS. Don't ask, as I have NO idea!

"I got a go Mom" and "I got a go Dad" So far Danny is doing EXCELLENT!! No accidents, and aside from the time when he refused to go number two again and again, all is good. Did I mention no accidents?

Wow! It is freaking dark out here - really dark, and I still don't have any service. I better save this work of art or, there will be nothing, because I can't repeat myself, don't ya know.

I have reconnected, but we'll see if it... Yes! We're back and cooking with gas!

So far the weather has been great as have the kids, and Jenni even just gave me a hard time about "rambling on my blog" she probably wants me to rest for my shift, or something.

Oh well, that's the update and now I must lay my computer to sleep, or at least plug it in.

See you from Disney, or the road again - who knows.