Saturday, January 3, 2015

Three Days In

Now what?

I'm always asking myself that question; now what?

It's like I'm not happy with where I am at the time and I am always wanting to do something else, but what exactly?

Yesterday I mentioned that I haven't traveled to the moon, could that be te problem? A strong desire to live in a vacuum far from home? I'm pretty sure it isn't, although I do have to admit that I think it would be cool. The planet Mars might even be better.

Alas, I am stuck here on this rock and have to figure out a plan of attack, lest I be attacked.

Plan one....

See, that's the problem, I have no plans. I mean there are a few out there - writing a novel for one, heck, earning a living as a writer would be pretty cool. I could have the office I want, wherever I want it.. So maybe that should be my now what. Maybe this post will be looked upon at the end of 2015 as the catalyst that got the whole party started. I wonder if that would quit me saying...

Now what?