Friday, January 23, 2015

Sitting in an Airport

Watching time fly by
being very thankful
thatI'm not flying standby

Okay, enough of my attempts to rhyme, I mean yes it rhymes, but I don't think it counts when it is essentially the same word. Oh well, I'm not a poet and I do know it.

I am currently sitting  in an airport in northern Kentucky, also know as the Cincinnati International Airport. Cincinnati, of course, being in the state of Ohio, not Kentucky. Okay, technically it is the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, lovingly known as CVG, because it is based in Covington, Kentucky, although some argue it is more in Hebron, Kentucky than Covington, but, I really don't care.

Now, I grew up in the Denver area, for the most part. My dad was in the Air Force and we did have to move around a bit, but we were lucky enough to call the Denver metropolitan are home for a great majority of my school years, ten of twelve to be exact.

Anyway, growing up I followed the Denver Broncos and to a degree the Denver Nuggets, I also liked the Colorado Rockies of NHL fame and while I was growing up we didn't have a MLB team, instead we had the Denver Bears, a AAA affiliate of various teams throughout its history. Growing up I needed a baseball team to root for and the Cincinnati Reds filled that need greatly, I mean who wouldn't want to root for the 'Big Red Machine' in all their glory, right? So, I like coming to Cincinnati to work, for the most part. I say fo the most part because I have never actually worked in the city itself, just used it's airport and then driven my happy self, south to Lexington, Kentucky, home of the Wildcats.

And now for a dramatic pause.

And that's my story, the end.

Sorry, I just got distracted by a dude cleaning the windows here at the airport and my train of thought totally derailed. Once that bad boy gets off the tracks, it's hard to get it back on. For that I apologize, actually what I apologize for is the fact that I am still posting this, with the hopes of maybe returning to it at some future date to clarify and give it an UPDATE.

Just don't hold your breath.

Side side note, someone just let go of the loudest fart in the history of farts, or at least they amplified it over the sound system.

Gotta love Cincin... Kentucky.