Sunday, January 4, 2015

Road Trip

A little about myself; I travel for my job. It has its perks and it also has many downfalls - mainly being away from my family.

That being said, it is my job and I do it to the best of my ability - it enables me to have time to write (more this year, I promise), and this year, to exercise!

Anyway, today begins the cycle all over again as much of a cycle as there can be in an ever changing world of my line of work. I'll discuss that more at some point, but it's not the time here and now.

However, this trip has been on my docket for the past three, or maybe it's four, years now. It is really a rather uneventful trip, with relatively easy work. Depending on who is on the trip, it can even be considered painful. Anyway, last year we started a tradition of driving in inclement weather, at least that's the way it seems now that this year we once again drove down from the Chicagoland area to southern, well south central, Illinois.

Unlike last year though, none of us got stuck in any ditches or had to use their GPS to verify that the road did, in fact, turn there. Some of us drove blindly through the storm at speeds up to and exceeding fifty miles per hour, while others took it easy and drove at the much safer speed of fifteen. Guess who got stuck in a ditch? Sometimes flying by the seat of ones pants has it's advantages.

Although the trip did have a few similarities - the need to take a bathroom break, the crazy-assed wind that kept the minivan a rocking, and of course the occasional whiteout or three.

So, what was the point? No point, just spewing out life lessons for my future self who will probably be the only one who really understands me. Maybe.