Tuesday, January 6, 2015

College versus Professional Basketball

I will state clearly here that I prefer the college game to the professional game.

I will also state clearly that I don't like all college basketball and tend to only watch games that have teams with excellent coaches.

So this means I will have to admit to watching some professional basketball, again for the coaching.

Who do I follow? So glad that you asked.

I like Duke - Coach K is probably one of, if not the best college basketball coaches ever.

I like any team coached by Bobby Knight - too bad no one wants good fundamental basketball anymore, and that coach Knight doesn't like the whole 'one and done' mentality of college basketball these days.

I like any team coached by Pitino and Calipari; Pitino because he is a great coach and Calipari because he is a great recruiter and doesn't get hung up on the fact that he's only going to have these kids for one, and occasionally two, years.

There are several others that I enjoy watching, because you can see that there is a lot of emphasis on playing the game the correct way, and not all the flash and dash while looking for a highlight on ESPN.

Pro coaches, I like maybe three; Doc Rivers, Gregg Popovich, and Tom Thibodeau. I will admit to being a little enamored with Steve Kerr.

Just thought I'd share that information, in case you were curious.