Friday, April 26, 2013

The Great Pixar Feature Film Poll, round four

The votes are in and we have four less competitors!

Some competitions were very close, while one was a definite blowout.

Round three results...

Ratatouille - 16
A Bug's Life - 13
Ratatouille wins and moves on to face (Read on). I'll be honest with you here, I was pulling for A Bug's Life to get a little more love, but the voter's didn't agree with my feelings.

The Incredibles -18
Brave - 11
So The Incredibles will move on to face Ratatouille in the next round.

Wall-E - 15
Toy Story 2 - 13
Wall-E moves on, and one person abstained from voting because they just couldn't choose. I imagine there may be a lot more of that coming in future rounds.


Cars 2 - 1
Toy Story - 28
Toy Story basically crushed Cars 2 and all their dreams, and apparently stole one vote from their total from the previous round.

So here are the choices for our fourth round, which will stay active until Sunday...

Enjoy voting and get your family involved, every vote counts and you want your favorite movie to move on. For extra votes leave a comment and tell me how your family voted and I will make sure it gets tabulated back at master control.

Have fun, enjoy voting and have a GREAT weekend!