Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother Knows Best?

Since I am hosting the Fun Mondays for May, I really have no one to blame but myself for this week's topic. I seriously considered not even submitting anything, but thought that would be kind of rude. So, that being said, this week's topic was all about moms, and your memories.

I have some pretty strong memories of my mother, when she chastised me for getting picked on by a bully "Quit acting like a girl!" to her being concerned for my well-being - I'm sure it happened at some point.

Now before this turns into something I'd rather it not, if it hasn't already. Let me tell you a couple of things I believe...

I believe that my mother loves me.

I believe that my mother has a hard time expressing that emotion towards me or my family, and it probably stems from something I did, although for the life of me I do not know what it was or could have been. Only that it seems to have build a divide between our relationship that I wish wasn't there, but for the sake of myself and the kids, I think I will try harder to bridge that gap in the near future.

Before you ask, yes I did call her and wish her a Happy Mother's Day yesterday, albeit with some gentle prodding from my wife and kids. They really know best.

My mother is also the founder of the greatest advice ever given to me - we used to talk all the time before either she went to bed or I did. She always had time to listen, even though I kept them(my dad was there usually as well) from their sleep, I'm sure. They were good talks and I am sure that I am part of who I am because of them. She also gave me the strong/tough love advice when I was seventeen and just lounging around the house... I should mention here that I had just graduated high school and because my dad, who was in the Air Force, had been transferred to a new city (San Antonio), I left the city that I knew everyone in (relatively of course) and moved to this strange place... Anyway, she was fed up with my lounging and came into my room and yelled these immortal words to my tender ears: "Why don't you get a job, go to college or join the Air Force!"

I'm happy to report that I did all three, even though I still look back and wonder how I missed that conjunction "or." It sure would have saved me all that hassle of moving from base to base for six years. And I probably - no definitely - wouldn't be working in the same career field I am today.

Of course, that same career feeds me, clothes me and shelters me, so it's not all bad.

With that I will close and say that I love my mother and wish that we could see her more often.