Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dryer Woes

So my dryer has decided that it wants to give up the ghost.

You know I have heard that phrase many, many times and just now, literally 17 seconds ago, I finally add two and two and got four. You see, now y'all can tell me if I'm wrong, but the term is probably in relation to one's spirit (ghost) who is attached to you, and when you die you give up your spirit (ghost) - or at least your body does.

Now before anyone starts getting on me for turning a phrase, I know that dryers do not have spirits, souls or ghosts. Gonna digress now if you don't mind.

Anyway, after getting a lot of pressure from Jenni and one of her friends, I opened the machine up. We were all thinking that the belt was bad, considering that the drum won't turn and it sounds like everything else is working fine.

Well, the belt appears to be in great shape.

Next, I have to check the motor, once I find my multimeter that is.

I do have some great news though, I found over ten dollars in change under the drum (score!), no socks though.