Friday, May 6, 2011

Molly Moves Up

This week's gossip: 

Who:  Molly Holden
What:  a luxury car, a broken piece of glass, a pair of knitting needles, an old brick
Where:  a mansion
First line:   The picture in the catalog had lied.

The picture in the catalog lied.

There was no way that Molly Holden was going to pay that much money for a pair of knitting needles, even if they were made of solid gold. She needed something more practical and realistic to use while sitting alone in her new mansion that her boyfriend Jack Cavanaugh had purchased for her, just a mere three months ago.

Of course, three months ago she was happy thinking that she had found the man of her dreams. He was tall, dark and handsome. Sure he seemed to be a bit on the loopy side, but he did have a ton of money and that had to matter for something after all. So when Jack wanted to but her this house, who was Molly to say no.

Two months ago Molly suspected Jack of cheating on her. Molly was shocked, no one had ever cheated on her - to the best of her knowledge at least, but Jack was pretty open about his cheating. Oh sure, he never came out and said that he was seeing someone else, but Molly just knew.

She knew.

So, she started following him around in the luxury car that he bought for her. She even thought that she had been spotted on more than one occasion, but he continued to carry on like nothing was amiss.

He was good.

So good, that she had never even spotted him alone with another woman. One time she thought she was going to catch him in the act, and was crawling along in the bushes, in order to peek through a window, when her knee caught on a broken piece of glass, she nearly yelled out in pain from the cut but quickly remembered where she was. By the time Molly peeked into the window, only to see Jack and his brother talking, the pain in her knee made her decide that enough was enough and so she turned around and started to head back to her car, when her toe crunched on an old brick.

Damn vandal got me twice, Molly thought, as she kept her second scream in.

She finally caught Jack with his little hussy, Babs was her name, at a gas station where they were acting so casual, almost like they had never met before. Then the bimbo, went and got themselves all blown up, thankfully neither of them died, but Jack sure wasn't as good looking as he used to be, and now he had to have nurses around him all day and all night long.

At least Jack did one thing right before the explosion, he made sure that Molly was well taken care of, without a care in the world. She even hired a handsome young pool boy to help with the maintenance of the pool, and maybe the occasional bit of maintenance for herself as well.

You know, getting those solid gold knitting needles might be worth it after all. She had notice that her pool boy had been a bit distant as of late, I wonder what he is up to, Molly thought as she clicked the buy now button from the catalog's website. You never know what those needles could be used for after all.

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