Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day!

I think that I am ready to sit down and write something again. Granted I am always ready to sit down and write, but I use the lame excuse of not having any time.

Go figure, right?

So what should we write about today?

Politics? Nope.

Religion? Maybe.

Sex? Not in a million years. Sure the traffic would be nice, but really, if you are coming here to read about sex you have some serious issues. Besides, I try to be as 'G-rated' as much as possible. I know that I tow the line in that regard most of the time, but there have been occasions where I have delved into the deep end of insanity at times, but thankfully those times are rare.

Drugs? Do you really want to read about my dependency on cholesterol controlling and mood altering drugs? It really isn't as exciting as it sounds, trust me. Except maybe when I forget to take a pill, then, well it just gets down right ugly. And I am not proud of that, so I probably won't be sharing.

Rock and Roll? We can talk about that. I mean Rush is coming to town in the near future, but I really don't have the desire to spend a boatload of money on a group that I have already seen five times before. Styx is coming to town with Foreigner and, somebody else that I can't remember. But Styx only has two original members and a third that joined after their third album touring, so the magic is gone there. At least Rush still has the main core that has been Rush throughout the years.

So, as you can see I really don't have much to talk about and I don't have any recent pictures either.

Maybe I should have waited another day or two? No, all that would do would make me lose the desire to come back here at all. I actually had this date - somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind - pegged as my return to the blogosphere (sorry for all of you that do not like that word). The only question that remains is, how many of you are still with me?

Hello? Is this thing on?