Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday Shots #14

There is nothing wrong with your reader, just my finger. I apparently hit the 'save' button and not the 'publish' button last night, so these sat in draft status. :)

That would be a good story if it were true, no?

Anyway, I will have you all imagine that it is still Sunday and these are shots from then. Sound fair?

Here is Timmy with his new pillow, affectionately known around here as Kirby, and not-so-affectionately known as motor mouth!

Oh, he's not actually sleeping, he just decided that he didn't want me to take his picture... the stinker. Oh, and Kirby really didn't seem to mind, he was purring the whole time.

Here is Jessie carrying the American flag during the Loyalty Day parade in town. You can kind of make out Katie's head back there holding the American Heritage Girls flag. I had a Daddy FAIL moment and didn't get a picture of Katie holding the flag. Sorry kiddo.

That was it for this past week. Hope you all have a blessed week ahead and don't forget to root for the Blackhawks!!