Saturday, May 8, 2010

Best Way To Travel

We are gone this weekend, in case you didn't notice.

Why you would notice is beyond me, but hey, you might have noticed.

I digress.

We are in Minnesota visiting with my Brother and Sister In-law, nephew and niece. We are celebrating my nephew's first Holy Communion and my niece's sixth birthday. On the edges, it is six to seven hours of driving.


The trip here was uneventful, unless you consider driving in rain, the.entire.time. to be an event worth noting - in which case, I just covered it.

Anyway, towards the end of our drive here, Danny caught my eye, and I asked Jenni to snap a quick picture on the cell phone, as I felt that it pretty much summed up, for me at least, the absolute best way to travel.

Have a great day, and think of us as we make the trek back south to our little mother ship.