Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Holy Chafing, Batman!

Some things I learned yesterday...

  • Complaining about broken links that are then mysteriously fixed, without my knowing it, can cause confusion. Especially for me. Maybe mylivesignature.com was down for maintenance or something.
  • Being a 1930's kind of guy/husband may not translate to a good thing, especially to ladies of the twenty-first century. But in my defense, I'm not exactly a have my wife cater-to-my-every-need kind of guy, just ask Jenni. :)
  • Taking walks with the family are lots of fun, and good exercise. Not to mention the sights you can see. An example:

We were walking home last night, from the library - we all forgot our library cards so no new books! (Darn it!) Anyway, we stopped at the Batavia Popcorn Depot, a literal shack that has three popcorn poppers in it and offers your choice of plain, cheesy and caramel popcorn. It's been a Batavia tradition since 1929. Good popcorn as well, and Katie was buying (actually Benjy ended up paying because he had paper money versus the change that Katie had, because Benjy sold it to her) so all was good. Five bags of popcorn $6.50.

As we left we noticed an older man and his grandson (I assume here, but you know Tony Randall became a daddy at 77, so anything is possible) were standing by a fire hydrant. As we walk up, the man seemed a little startled, although he had to have seen us coming, we soon realized why he was so startled...

Older Gentleman: "Oh, hi."

Us: "Hello"

OG: "Do I have to bring a bag with these kids?"

Us: "Huh?" "Oh." "Maybe we should" "Eww"

You guessed it. The child, maybe three, had himself a little accident. Now, I didn't see anything on the ground, but everyone else did. I surely could smell it though, and the poor kid didn't look too comfortable. Granted his Grandfather looked a lot less comfortable, but...

Now, soapbox time... Why the man didn't walk the hundred, or so, feet to the fourteen port-a-potty's, or the McDonald's, or the restaurant across the street is beyond me. But to sit there and not do anything about the child's accident is baffling to me. I would NEVER embarrass my kids that way. In fact, if something like that would have happened to me, I would have done my best to not be noticed. True, the man did seem to be unaware of our approach, so I'll get off the box now.

  • Poop really does happen, after all. :)
  • Five year old children don't like to walk.
  • River bugs do NOT taste good.
  • Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea does though.
  • Ignoring your Google Reader all night, leaves a LOT of reading in the morning.
  • Being a large man that is trying to better himself by getting some exercise, can be painful. I won't let it stop me, I promise! Jenni and the kids won't let me. :-)