Monday, July 7, 2008

About Mondays

Mondays are fine and wonderful days that come once every seven days, they fill me with all kinds of fun and interesting thoughts, and I would like to share them with you, now.

  • Bosses can be pricks on Mondays (yea!)
  • Beds feel way more comfortable on Mondays
  • News shows rehash the weekend in sixty seconds

Okay, enough of that.

I know you all are thinking that I have absolutely nothing to say or share with all four of you (yes I gained a reader, whoo-hoo). I also like writing the word whoo-hoo; 1) because it ain't really a word, 2) because it is how I feel when I write it and finally 3) because the Google spell check has yet to figure out that I like writing it and always highlights it as a misspelled word. I'm a sadist at heart, I guess.

Wimbledon 2008, the Gentleman's Championship (did you even know that I liked tennis?) what a match, and if it weren't for rain delays and the fact that we had to take Benjy to Rockford for Jeremiah Days, I would have seen the whole match. When I left, it looked like Nadal was going for the kill in the third set, but NO!! Mr. Roger (way cool name, by the way) Federer would not go down quietly. Of course neither would Mr. Nadal, and thus was born an incredible display of Grand Slam tennis 4-6, 4-6, 7-6(8), 7-6(10), 9-7.


The Tour de France started this weekend, and I will ask the lovely Miss Catherine for her insights, or maybe Rob can give me some as well. I'm thinking Valverde, just because he is a name that I remember doing fairly well over the past few years, so I will root for him. Unless someone better comes along, of course.

Does anyone, aside from Mrs. Rodriguez, even care about A-Rod and Madonna? To be honest, I find it way more interesting that Mrs. A-Rod flew to France to spend some time with Lenny Kravitz. Where are the kids in all of this? I know that they are both under five, but they have feelings too, you know. So while I read up on this "story" I came up with a vow, ready:

No matter how rich and famous I become, I will NEVER, NEVER-EVER, run off with Madonna, I promise. Or Lenny Kravitz for that matter either.

I know it was a sacrifice that had to be made, but I am a man of character and I wanted everyone to see it.

Oh and in case you were wondering about Six Flags, you know you were, we did not lose ANY children or adults. I also remember why it is I am not a fan of the joint. The people that work there are morons! I am not being harsh here, either and I will give you an example.

They sell these buckets of popcorn or cotton candy for something like $9, and you get free refills after your initial purchase. Sounds simple enough, and it is so worth it when you have as many people that we had in our group. The problem came when we started asking to get refills...

Me: Hi, can I get a refill on this yummy cotton candy?

Six Flags Employee That Doesn't Want To Be There: What?

Me: I would like a refill of my cotton candy


Me: What do you mean no?

SFETDWTBT: We don't do that here.

Me: But you sell it right?

Dude Behind The Counter: Yes, but we don't do refills here.

Me: Um, okay, do you know where I can get it refilled at?

DBTC: Nope. Over there (pointing everywhere at once) somewhere.

Me: Thanks.

I really do not like that place, Disney World is WAY better, and believe it or not, cheaper! So there!

My grill needs to be replaced. There I said it. It NEEDS to be replaced in a big way. (Yes, darling-love-of-my-life, wife we NEED a new grill). How else can we have a big deck building party if I cannot sufficiently supply the help with all the burnt grilled burgers, brats and dogs, with a grill that does not want to work. So please, please, for the love of everything nice in the world, can I have a new one? I'll keep it under $2,000 easy.

I spent the entire day Saturday, cleaning the garage. I need a new one of those too, but can wait. We are once again trying to make it into a rec room, of sorts. Granted it will be super hot next month, and super cold in January, but it also frees up a lot of space - once we clear out all the crap stuff that is there now.