Sunday, January 16, 2011

In Search of a Story

That's what I asked for on Facebook the other day and one of them stuck with me. It stuck with me so much, that I am actually considering writing something about it, and you know what? It will make me millions of dollars, of which I would have to share a piece with the originator of the idea - unless I get him to sign something...

So what is the story about?

Well, there is this beautiful pregnant woman that gets bit by a werewolf. Only the werewolf is in his human form, so she doesn't know how bad that bite really is. Aside from it being totally weird that a strange man would up and bite a pregnant woman (I did say she was beautiful, right?), I think it has a good launching point.

It gets better.

Yes, it does. You see this woman goes full term with what she thinks is a normal pregnancy, only to give birth to a litter of puppies, five female and two male. Now this as you may imagine sends shock waves throughout the world, so much so that people start paying more attention to those tabloid magazines they see while waiting to check out of a grocery store. You know of the ones I speak, right?

Still gets better.

Amazing, but true. It turns out that these puppies - the woman keeps them, I mean they are her kids, um puppies, after all.Well everything seems to be pretty normal for a while - as normal as a woman that gave birth to seven puppies can be, I guess - until one fateful evening when the puppies, now five years old, are camping with their grandparents and there is a full moon.

Oh you are just chomping at the bit now, aren't you?

See, when the moon is full and the puppies are touched by the light of said full moon, they turn into humans.Very intelligent humans at that. Like so smart they could solve all the world's problems, smart. Of course, once they leave the light of the moon, they go back to being puppies - well dogs, by then. Oh and no one believes the grandparents, why would they, right?

I'm thinking of adding one or two more things, say some zombies or vampires.

What do you think? Is this gold or what?