Thursday, August 12, 2010

Morality - A Review

If you take a look below you will see my review for the book, short story, Blockade Billy by Stephen King. Little did I know that the library copy I read did not have the additional short story called Morality

Guess what I read today?

Morality is a short story, approximately 50 pages long - at least in this copy of the book. The story deals with a married couple Chad and Nora, who like many people are fighting to make ends meet. Chad is a substitute teacher, working on a book Living with the Animals: The Life of a Substitute Teacher in Four City Schools, of which he has about eighty pages written. Nora is a nurse that is working for the Reverend George Winston (Winnie) of the Second Presbyterian Church of Park Slope, retired, who had a stroke and needed to be cared after.

One day Winnie, gives Nora a proposal to earn some money to do something for Winnie because he wants to have one last thrill, so to speak, before he dies. Chad and Nora need the money. You can put two and two together and probably surmise correctly where this will lead our happy couple.

Stephen King does a great job of breaking down the "morality" of these three characters in a manner that he has become famous for. Basically, he throws it in your face and tries to make you squirm a little. Oh, he succeeds at that and also tries to get you the reader to look into your own soul and try to make you choose what to do as well. If I were to have one complaint, it would be the Catholic bashing that I read, sure it might not be intentional and I may be a little bit sensitive, but I have also read a lot of Stephen King's books. 

Take that as you will.

I still enjoyed the read - even a faster read than the last one, which it should be I guess considering the shorter length. Four out of Five stars for the short story Morality by Stephen King.

Amazon has it belonging to Esquire magazine, but if you buy Blockade Billy it is included with some of the versions that are out there.

Happy Reading.