Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Would You Do?

ABC has this great little show that puts people in awkward positions, like having a mom and daughter shoplifting, in front of unsuspecting patrons. Believe it or not, only 20% of the people actually even said anything to the store manager. So what would you do?

Another segment showed a man helping out a woman in distress, without hesitation, so ABC wired him up, and have him ask for some gas. All of the men that he asked gave him some gas, without question. The women on the other hand, didn't want to help him out at all.

Now they had a sociologist on the show that explained it as being the man's fault because of the way he approached the women versus how he approached the men. I guess I can see that, but I thought that he pretty much approached the men and women in the same manner. Could it be because the sociologist was a woman, perchance?

Here's a scenario for you all; you are put in a prison camp for 25 years, in Siberia. no chance for parole. Would you try to escape, or just tough it out? Remember that you are several hundred miles from any civilization, and that life in the camp has become fairly routine, and aside from the weather, life isn't too bad. In fact, you got special duty, that gives you some extra bread. So, would you try to escape or realize that 25 years is only 9131 days and you want to make a go of it?

Have a great day!