Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Let's Start This Trip From the Beginning, Again!

I want to write something good.

I want to write something funny.

I want to write something good and funny.

Something that will knock your socks off and make you roll on the floor laughing hysterically for hours.

Why the sudden interest, on my part, to entertain?

Let’s just call it Cubs Revenge 2008.

That’s right, I’m blaming the Chicago Cubs for this, and the fact that they played the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday.

You see, if the Cubs weren’t playing the Cubs on that day, I would have never had to fork over the money to buy the tickets, would have had no desire to miss work (well, maybe), and I surely would not have enjoyed all eleven innings of baseball fun with a fever above three digits.

Yep, I went there sick, and only got sicker.

And sicker.

And even more sick.

I wanted to plan my funeral.

At some point, if you didn’t look too close, you might have thought I was dead.

That is why I want to be good and funny and make you all roll your eyes and heads and whatever other body parts you can get to roll. I figure that I have been gone long enough that I might have to reintroduce myself.

Hi, I’m Roger and I’m no longer sick.

I have one very beautiful and patient wife, and six lovely, if not quite as patient, children.

I live in Illinois, near Chicago, and I love it here. Except when it is 90/90 or worse. 90/90 being my little nickname for freaking hot and humid! Kind of catchy, feel free to use it I don’t mind, and I’m pretty sure that only the voices in my head have used it before.

I work at a job where I get to tell twenty-five grownups to quit acting like children. Some days, my kids are more mature than these knuckleheads. That’s okay, the pay isn’t that great and just got worse (benefits cost increase), but it has so far managed to pay most of my bills. At least the ones that count.

I am a Roman Catholic, and proud to be one, so don’t try and mess with me, because I do have a mean streak when it comes to defending my faith and my family. Oh, and we have six children because God felt us worthy of them, not because we are Catholic, and we do know what causes it. Isn’t it fun?

I aspire to be a writer, heck I am a writer. I’m just not as well published as others, but I am better than a lot and will not back down from that claim, until St Peter comes looking for me. At which time, I fully intend on taking over the position of Heavenly Scribe.


Our children are loads of fun and a great joy to us, and I will share stories about them (much to their chagrin), and try not to embarrass them too much.


That’s what kids are for, right?

I learn from them each and every day, and love them more than even I thought possible.
Andy is our oldest at 17; he is going through those wonderful holy-crap-I’m-almost-free moments, then he comes home to Mom and Dad.

Benjy is 13 going on 35 and is smart as can be, but he loves the computer games a little too much at times. He also loves to play soccer; surprisingly he likes it more with me as his coach. Watching the Olympics now has him yearning to be a gymnast. I think he was impressed by the upper body strength, more than anything.

Jessica is 10, and depending on what day it is can be the sweetest thing ever, whereas if she doesn’t get enough sleep; her Daddy’s temper starts to flare up. I wish that was a part of me that would just evolve away.

Kaitlynn is 8, and blond. She plays the ‘dumb blond’ part to a tee. Here is the best part; we know it is an act, as she could easily be a grade or two higher than where she is. She is also the social butterfly and is not ashamed that I call her my ‘Cuddlebug.’

Margaret is 5, and apparently my favorite child. This news flash comes from the other five and might have something to do with the fact that I can’t say no to her. The others just don’t remember that I did, and pretty much still do, the same thing for them.

Daniel is 2, and such fun, especially now that he is talking so much more. I love when he says “Chok-chok” for chocolate, and today he hurt his toe and noticed some Starburst. Jenni saw this and asked him if a Starburst would make his foot feel better, he said it would, so Benjy gave him one…. And he put it on his foot.
Jenni is the saint that married me, and best yet, still puts up with me. She knows how to push me into a fight, and how to shut me up better than anyone on this planet. I don’t mess with Jenni; she’ll kick my butt.

Okay, so it wasn’t necessarily funny.

Maybe it wasn’t even very good.

It is I though. Including the short paragraphs, so if you don’t like short paragraphs, I can guarantee that you will not like me. Really would be a shame to part on such a thing like short paragraphs, and I hope that you will stick around, or at least pop in every now and again.

Don’t forget to comment. I like those, even the ones that are kind of Spam-ish, like the dude that left me a note when I was talking about my obsession with Monster Slurpee’s, and told me there was an energy shot that I could add to it. I tried it, and you know what? It was pretty cool, but I might want to get into better shape before I try that again. Although I did reach my target heart rate while sitting down, so it may work as the new cardio.

Okay, enough for now… I have more to post on later, including some answers to your questions (I haven’t forgotten), and a meme! You heard me, a meme about eight things to do before I die, which seems appropriate considering what I just went through.

See, you need to stick around for that, plus much more; including football picks, and predictions, and various rants about one of the two morons running for president. I have an idea, why don’t we just have an election for everybody in Congress, and no incumbents can run. What do you all think of that?

One other thing I forgot to mention about me, I like to talk/write, so my posts can get wordy, especially if I have a good half hour to compose.

Bye-bye and God Bless you all.

P.S. - Why is everything underlined? If you know, please let me know, because it's kind of annoying to me.