Friday, June 20, 2008

In Need of a Nanny, Call Canada

Okay, why does it seem like I am picking on Canada?

This might be one reason.

Not sure though.

You tell me...

A Canadian court has lifted a 12-year-old girl's grounding, overturning her father's punishment for disobeying his orders to stay off the Internet, his lawyer said Wednesday.

Read the story, for more.

This could turn into a regular feature; "What's Up In Canada?"

If you need an example of why socialism is bad, just look to our neighbors to the north.

Oh well, I better go home to my kids, Jenni and Andy are in Ohio at a Youth Conference so Benjy is in charge...

Maybe I should call Canada.

Two brand spanking new (well on these pages at least) Meme's this weekend, so make sure you come back and visit now, ya hear?