Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Completely Obnoxious Orangutan Loses Intermediate Naming Game

So the answer to yesterday's trip into subliminal messages via the title of blog posts was....


Yes, Andy is currently in Bosnia, I think it's real name is Bosnia-Herzegovina, visiting non-approved Marian Apparitions in Medjugorje. I hear that he has even finally written his mother.
She was none too pleased to find out that he updated his Facebook page, BEFORE dropping her a line.

Can't say that I blame her.

He is there praying for anyone that requested it, and for the Cubs - no doubt. I imagine his lack of Cub-news is driving him nuts. The kid has turned into a genuine Cubs fanatic. Who knows, maybe this year is THE year.

Just don't hold your breathe.

I have a question regarding hyphens, that I am opening to the floor... Hello floor?

I know of some friends and acquaintances that go for the whole keeping my name in a hyphen thing. Way cool, if you ask me but what happens if your kids decide to do the same thing, and so on? You could have Jennifer Gerardette Eaton-Devlin-Sauser-Stankevitz marrying Roger William Ballog-Kaesik-Busch-Miller, and our kids would then be Andrew William Eaton-Devlin-Sauser-Stankevitz-Ballog-Kaesik-Busch-Miller.

When do you stop? Would you? If you have a hyphenated name, and your kids have it as well, whose name do they drop? Do the drop the whole hyphen and go with the man's name (if it is a woman)? Do you just keep adding hyphens, like the example above? Whose names go first? I deferred to the female side as going first, but is that correct? Oh I also threw in the middle names, just because.

Imagine the roll call in class; "Andrew William Eaton-Devlin-Sauser-Stankevitz-Kaesik-Ballog-Busch-Miller?"

"Ma'am, that's Andy Eaton=Devlin-Sauser-Stankevitz-Ballog-Kaesik-Busch-Miller."

"Oh, so sorry, you like to be called Andy then, correct?"

On a completely new twist, how can I have two famous brewers of beer names, yet not be in the beer making business? I need to check my family history for sure now --- maybe someone is holding my check. :)

Now go and check this out. Looks like carbon emissions don't have as much to do with the climate after all. But we should definitely ban those pesky bonfires. Oh and while we're at it, let's see if we can make the lightning stop starting forest fires, and let's not forget those annoyingly beautiful volcanoes that erupt - for no reason at all.

Time to go back to the silly stuff.

Where's my Diet Coke?!?