Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hi, it's me!

You know, Roger.

The one that always quietly stands alone in the corner.

What you haven't noticed me? Why I am shocked.

Let me give you the rundown, okay?

I'm a forty-plus year old dude that loves to write and figured that this blogging thing was worth a shot, and I have actually been at it since September of 2007. (Wow!) However, like my life, I kind of just stick to the shadows, because that's what us shy people do.

Jenni, she's my lovely bride, a saint of a woman that has put up being married to me since June of 1992, yet we have known each other since the summer of 1987. I always knew I would marry Jenni, it just took me five years to convince her.

Andy is our oldest. He says he his ready for college, even though schoolwork bores him and he'd rather be lounging around eating chips and salsa while watching Hannah Montana (shh, that's a secret) and self teaching himself how to play the guitar. The boy has numerous talents including a pretty good knack for writing - I link to him occasionally, and making videos. He wants our next computer to be a Mac. He needs to remember that we no longer have a money tree, and that he has six other siblings that would like to eat every now and again.

Benjy is next. He is our teen that is smarter than his parents, sometimes. He is an avid fan of soccer and blonde girls. Go figure, right. He has a desire to be a professional soccer player, or maybe a marine biologist. Actually, he doesn't really know what he wants, except for the soccer part. He would like to attend the university with the worst soccer team, figuring that he is good enough to play more there. Interesting concept, but I'm not sure if that's the correct way to set that goal. He has mentioned wanting to attend Penn State University, Virginia Tech and lately, Texas Tech. The problem with Texas Tech is no soccer program.

To be continued...