Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Shots #11

Knitting, Kitty, Kids, and Wackiness Edition

Jenni's new obsession, socks!

Although, they might be a bit small for me.

Not that I would wear something so colorful anyway, mind you.

I present his Royal Highness, Kirby!

Yom, om, om, om, waffles!

Maggie, after receiving her merit badge and service stars

Timmy finding something amusing.

Chef Maggie, making dinner.

Wacky Bowling!
Jessie and friends.

Me doing some wacky bowling, with my foot.
(definitely a strike!)
{not really}

More wackiness!
(much better this time)
{at least three pins}
[no, really!]

Jessie and her self-designed shirt! She designed mine as well but for some reason we don't have a really good picture of it. Check out the witty phrase ... "I can't believe it's not Gutter"

Hope your Sunday was a fun-filled day!