Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Three Weeks Ago

I found out that I was a lost soul wandering through the cliffs of Dover. I had to figure out how this had happened of course, especially since I live nowhere near Dover, although I do hear that the cliffs are nice this time of year. Anyway, there I was wondering about my wandering when a bright light shone from the heavens upon my naked body.
Wait a minute, where did my clothes go, and would you mind turning that light the other way, please.
So now I am a wondering wandering naked soul in Dover where the cliffs are looking especially white under the glare of the halogen lamps that are shining down upon me, Me, a simple man with no clothes, or sunscreen for that matter. i could already feel my skin starting to cook.
Thankfully, the lights went out, but so did Dover. No cliffs were seen anywhere within several miles of where I was standing, for that matter, I noticed that while the glare of the halogens had dissipated, the glare of the ground around me did not. As I was pondering this latest predicament of mine, I also noticed that I could clearly see the breath coming from my mouth and nostrils, and started shivering to stay warm. Was this Mt Everest? If so, why was I wandering along it's summit, wondering about my ponderous predicament, while naked?
What's with the nudity? I mean come on, it's down right cold out here, and...
Bright lights once again, and...
The outside temperature warmed up, and I could feel sand between my toes (still naked) and the sun upon my body (no longer naked - figures) was starting to make me feel slightly uncomfortable, but the pounding waves made me feel slightly, uh what's the word, freaked out. Okay, it was two words, but if I write it like this freakedout, spell-check does just that. Trust me.
Where was I?
Oh yeah, so that was the first hour after my last post some twenty-one days ago, although all I had managed to do was write Mwahahahaha, or something like that and post a funny video, which got me to thinking about the music that I was hearing in the air around me. Ominous music at that, which would rise to an incomprehensible crescendo of sound that made me want to hold my ears, but I couldn't drop the bottles because they might break when the hit the cobblestones on... the... ground.
Have I ever told you about the fact that I have NEVER taken any illegal, or legal for that matter, hallucinogens, or any other illegal drugs for that matter? Let that settle in for a minute there. Now imagine how a person with all of this spewing out in the past fifteen minutes can be sane? I vote for the Cheez-its. "Wholly" Cheese! Yes they are.
Funny thing is that I knew I would only have about twenty minutes to spare between work and a meeting, and thought that a list of what I have done and not done would be sufficient. Nope, my mind said let's do some nudity, and there you go.
I'm just a wondering wandering fool in this crazy thing that we call life, and I am having a good time with it, and so should you.
Oh and if you see a size XL pair of black boxer briefs lying around, can you check for my name on the label?
I'm back! :)
Thanks for all that were concerned, I just needed a break, I guess. The break then turned into a habit, which was not pretty. So, here I be.