Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nine-Day Warning!!

That's right folks. Nine more days, until the craziest month of them all, November!

Why is November crazy?

Glad you asked.

November is crazy because it is NaBloPoMo, and NaNoWriMo.

Yes, it's National Blog Posting Month - where you leave a post every day! On anything you'd like. Sure, it may sound easy, but wait until it's 11:30PM and you are settling down for a long winter's nap, when all of a sudden what should appear, a reminder that you need to post something in the next thirty minutes. That's what.

Then there is the grandaddy of them all National Novel Writing Month, where you are challenged to write 50,000 words, that all go together. I think it's roughly 1700 words a day. Doesn't that sound like fun? Especially if you are like me and do not have an idea for a story, just yet.

Panicking doesn't help, so don't even bother doing it. Just flow with it. :)

For more information on either"challenges" you can visit their websites here and here, I'll leave the links as a surprise.

So, interested? Wanna join me on this crazy month? How about a challenge among friends? Let me know.

Of course you could just keep coming back everyday for updates... that will be fun too.