Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Disney Princess Poll, round five

Welcome one and all to round five, of the 

Nondescript female protagonists in an animated Disney movie,
 hierarchy not requisite poll. 
(aka The Disney Princess Poll).

in this round we will be eliminating another four princesses from the tournament of Disney princesses.

Last round we had ourselves some thinning out to do, and saw some of the weaker and more obscure (whatever! it's Disney, dude!) princesses. We had an actual princess lose out to a non-princess from Pixar, actually bother were from Pixar now that I think of it.

Stream of consciousness blogging rocks, doesn't it?

We also almost had a dog beat out a sugary sweet princess from a video game - that would have been a shocker and if there were only two more votes for the canine, well that would have been something. Luckily though, for the princess, my kids liked her more than the dog. 

Results from round four:

Pocahontas - 23
Maid Marian - 6

Cinderella - 20
Tiana - 9

Vanellope von Schweetz - 15
Lady - 14

Jessie - 26
Dot - 3

You can see how far your princess has made it by going here.

Now for this week's match ups, which will also see four more princesses heading back to their palaces empty-handed.

There are your competitors, and they are counting on your votes to get them through to round six, which will feature two more eliminations and two battles of the undefeated princesses.

Happy Voting!