Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It is August.

Yes, I know, where has the year gone?

It has passed like a blink of an eye and it seems to me that those blinks get quicker and quicker with each passing year. Does this mean that time is actually speeding up? I don't believe that there is a physicist anywhere that will allow you to believe that - they are kind of cranky about all those laws and such.

Does it mean that i am slowing down? This has a greater possibility of actually having some sort of relevance and the like, after all I am well passed my days of running a six-minute mile.

Shush, I did too.


No twice.

I really have no idea, all I know is that the school year starts soon, and I will have one college senior, one high school senior, one high school freshman, one junior high school and two elementary students, oh and one more that is just chomping at the bit to get into school.

Okay maybe not that last part,

What I am saying is, that it seems like just yesterday that my college senior was getting ready for his first days of Kindergarten and his little brother wanted to go to. Now one is nearing the end of the road as far as schooling goes - trust me, he cannot afford any kind of post graduate schooling, not for a while at least. And my youngest is filing the role of my senior in high school.

Timmy is more than likely our last child. That saddens me in more ways than I think I can even comprehend at this point in time. It probably also explains why I am so afraid to blink.