Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Cry For Help

So now that I am back from the euphoria of reaching fifty thousand words in a little over a month (not even the month of November), I have come to the realization (finally!) that I can indeed write a lot of words in a fairly short amount of time, but I have a problem.


Or lack thereof, to be exact.

Oh sure, I can write thousands of words, heck even millions of them, but without any kind of focus, what good is it? So I am here to ask for some guidance, pressure, focus, whatever you can think of by helping me to focus on a goal. The goal of actually completing a complete story, as opposed to throwing bits and pieces of tease here and there - although I do like a good tease...

Like I said, I think I need some focus, so I am coming to you who still read these pages to assist me with this.

Should I write about...

 A pregnant woman that gets bitten by a werewolf, while he is in human form, and then gives birth to a litter of puppies that are actually a kind of hybrid werewolf, in that they are only human during the full moon (or I was thinking even during say the 90% phases of the moon, you know before and after the actual full moon). I would follow their story and see that not all werewolves are the same, I figure I will have a good wolf, a bad wolf and a confused wolf - or something like that. I'm sure if I focused enough on it I could make something work.


The pyramids that are near the Mississippi River and that hold secrets never before seen by men in modern times. Yeah, I know that there aren't pyramids in Illinois near the Mississippi River, or are there? I have a story in mind that tells the tale of some Spaniards coming across these great pyramids and seeing that there is an expansive cave underneath one, they start to stash their gold and jewels, etc there. Or maybe I can have people from even farther back doing this. And then sometime in the early twentieth century an explorer stumbles upon an entrance to these caves and as he is working his way out of the cave, he gets trapped, along with the secret, by an earthquake that closes the entry off.  Move forward to modern times and another explorer, make that a hiker/camper finds something interesting which leads him on an amazing trail...


There is also a story in there (there being inside my head) that takes us to a wondrous world where everything is just wonderful and idyllic until tragedy strikes (darn that evil tragedy) and ruins every one's day. This I will admit is very vague, and probably shouldn't be considered, but it is a beginning - not like any other beginnings, right. Yes that was sarcasm.


I have a tale of space exploration that is tickling the inner brain and making me want to share it, but like the previous mention, it is very very vague and may just be a little spark. You need sparks to get that fire burning though, so it's not bad.


I also have ideas about time travel that I would like to pursue more, especially since history has always fascinated me and I think that it would be interesting to see what would change if one could go back in time and change an event in history. Of course it will all go wrong, because what fun would it be to have someone kill off Napoleon before he gets into trouble, if you can't have someone else take his place that is even worse. So you come back to your time and see that you made things worse.


 I have countless more in there that are just ideas, even just a word or two that for some reason don't want to leave my subconsciousness, but because I lack in this whole focus thing, they never turn into sentences or even paragraphs.


So my friends, I am looking for some help, and if you have come here because I shared this on Google+, welcome and please feel free to help get me out of my rut and give me a nudge in a direction that will produce results rather than words. Also please realize that I feel like I am standing here naked now, because I am usually a very shy person, and don't like to shine any kind of spot light on myself, so I am really stepping out of any kind of comfort zone I have.

I really, really would appreciate any kind of help..