Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Was Excited

With the fact that I was closing in on my 1,000 post, then I realized a few things:

  • I should have surpassed that number long ago, what the heck happened to me? I mean two posts in November? Seriously. I find it hard to believe that I had nothing to say over those thirty days, well not nothing, but for the most part it really was.
  • My total actually included some fifteen draft posts - so apparently I did have something to say, let's investigate: Every single draft post had a title, and that was it. Now some of these titles were grand, let me tell you... okay, not really. They were mostly titles for reviews of books read, that hadn't been written. I wonder why?
  • This third bullet is going to be filled with excessive nonsense, because in all honesty, I only had two things that I realized, other than the beating myself up over stuff, that I figured I would share. However, just having two bullet points is not nearly as impressive as say three.
  • Or four.
  • Heck, five makes it look like I spent a lot of time thinking about what I am putting down here. Hahahahahahahahaha! Too much? I am actually quite bored, because I am stuck waiting for the FedEx guy/girl to show up and have a bit of time on my hands.
  • Idle minds can be the Devils playground, however, I don't think that even he wants to see what's tolling through my brain at the moment. okay, who am I kidding, he thrives on it.His job and all that.

Back to your regularly scheduled life. Heck this post probably won't be read by many (please comment if you did, even if it's just a hello), because I have another post in mind that has to be done today, because any other day would kind of ruin the whole moment in time aspect of it.

You'll see. Even if you didn't see this.